Cardiff Castle timeline
43 AD
No evidence of settlement on the site of the future Cardiff Castle

55 AD
Construction of a Roman fort by the River Taff, on the site of the present castle

75 AD
A smaller, second Roman fort replaces the first one

110 AD
A third and again smaller Roman fort replaces the second one

270 AD
A fourth Roman fort replaces the third one. It is on the same site and is the same size as the present castle.

400 AD
The Roman fort is abandoned
Cardiff Castle timeline
William the Conqueror passes through the Cardiff area and founds a new castle within the remains of the earlier Roman fort

Robert Fitzhamon occupies Cardiff Castle as Lord of Glamorgan

Robert Fitzroy (‘the Consul’) succeeds as Lord of Glamorgan and occupies Cardiff Castle

Robert Curthose, King Henry I’s brother, is imprisoned in Cardiff Castle for eight years
Cardiff Castle timeline
Robert the Consul builds the 12-sided stone keep

Ifor Bach, Lord of Senghennydd, abducts from Cardiff Castle William of Gloucester (Robert the Consul’s successor), his wife and child. He releases them when seized lands are restored to him.
Cardiff Castle timeline
The de Clare family begin a 100-year ownership of Cardiff Castle and make many defensive improvements

The Despenser dynasty begin a 100-year ownership of Cardiff Castle
Cardiff Castle timeline
Cardiff Castle and town devastated by rebel Llywelyn Bren

Llywelyn Bren is captured and executed at Cardiff Castle on orders of Hugh Despenser

Rebel barons attack all Despenser castles, including Cardiff Castle

Owain Glyndwr captures and burns Cardiff, largely destroying the castle and town
Cardiff Castle timeline
Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, builds the core of Cardiff Castle ‘house’
Cardiff Castle timeline
Cardiff Castle passes to Richard Neville – “Warwick the Kingmaker”

Cardiff Castle passes from King Richard III to King Henry VII
Cardiff Castle timeline
King Edward VI grants Cardiff Castle to William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke
Cardiff Castle timeline
Henry Herbert begins a programme of repairs and extensions to Cardiff Castle house and lays out gardens
Cardiff Castle timeline
During the Civil War, King Charles I seizes Cardiff Castle from Philip Herbert, a supporter of Parliament’s cause. The King stays at the castle on at least one occasion.

Parliamentary forces retake Cardiff Castle

Oliver Cromwell visits Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle spared from demolition by Parliament, but remains badly damaged and out of repair for 100 years.
Cardiff Castle timeline
John Mounstuart, 4th Earl of Bute (later 1st Marquess of Bute) acquires the Glamorgan Estate and Cardiff Castle. Capability Brown clears and landscapes the green. Henry Holland remodels and extends the house.

Lady Sophia Bute, wife of 2nd Marquess, begins partial restoration of the castle
Cardiff Castle timeline
3rd Marquess of Bute commissions architect William Burges to begin work on creating the neo-gothic fantasy seen today.
New towers, wall walks and an enlarged banqueting hall are built. Medieval features in the green are excavated and the ruins displayed.

Burges dies, but his assistants continue the architectural work on the castle.

The remains of the walls of the last Roman fort are discovered. Building begins on the reconstructed Roman walls seen today.
Cardiff Castle timeline
3rd Marquess of Bute dies.

Under the 4th Marquess, the reconstructed Roman walls are completed and other towers and gates are reconstructed or built.

Burges’ ‘animal wall’ is moved from the front of the castle to its present location along the edge of Bute Park.
Cardiff Castle timeline
New Interpretation Centre and exhibits open at the castle.

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