Halloween Underground Cinema


It's back!

Underground Cinema returns to Cardiff Castle this Halloween with a frightfully fantastic line-up of your favourite freaky films.


It's Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts. A teenager accidentally summons three evil witches from the 17th Century, and it's not long before they're terrifying the entire town...

Disney's spellbinding classic stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy.
Wed, 30 Oct - 18:00      
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"Do you like scary movies?"

If so, join us for one of the defining films of the 90s, another classic from horror legend Wes Craven. The 'Ghostface' killer is stalking the residents of Woodsboro, and knowing the rules of the genre may not be enough to save them...
Wed, 30 Oct - 18:00      
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Elliott, a lonely suburban kid, discovers a lost alien in his shed. They soon become unlikely friends, and Elliott introduces 'E.T.' to trick-or-treating, Reese's Pieces and the joys of BMX biking. But danger is coming, and E.T. needs to phone home...

Steven Spielberg's amazing adventure is one of the most beloved and successful films of all time.
Thu, 31 Oct - 14:00      
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Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of HalloweenTown, discovers a portal to Christmas Town and decides to celebrate itstraditions his own way. A dazzling animated feature from the mind of Tim Burton.
Thu, 31 Oct - 16:30      
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The year is 1984. There's something strange in your neighbourhood. Who you gonna call?

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver star in the original spooky blockbuster.
Thu, 31 Oct - 18:00      
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HALLOWEEN [2018] (18)
It's October 31st. Exactly 40 years after their first bloody encounter in Haddonfield, Laurie Strode and Michael Myers must face each other again. Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her most iconic role.
Thu, 31 Oct - 20:15      
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Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire. Starring Jason Patric, a young Keifer Sutherland and both Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, this cult 80s horror comedy is a big audience favourite.
Fri, 1 Nov - 18:30      
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FRIDAY THE 13TH [1980] (18)
Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake! A group of young people arrive to start their new summer jobs, unaware of the site’s deadly history and the terrible danger they're now in.

One of horror's most unkillable series begins, featuring a fresh-faced and imperilled Kevin Bacon.
Fri, 1 Nov - 20:30      
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