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Underground Cinema: Halloween


Strange things will be happening underneath Cardiff Castle…

Use the links below to book your tickets.

Monday 30th October

1:30pm - Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
3.15pm - Coraline


Tuesday 31st October 

10:30am - The Nightmare Before Christmas
12:30pm - Hocus Pocus
2:30pm - Hocus Pocus


Thursday 2nd November

2:30pm - Hocus Pocus
6pm - Hocus Pocus
8.30pm - Rocky Horror Picture Show


Friday 3rd November

2pm - The Nightmare Before Christmas
4pm - Beetlejuice
6pm - The Lost Boys
8:30pm - The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Saturday 4th November

7:20pm - The Evil Dead [1981]
9pm - Evil Dead 2

[Please book separately]

Sunday 5th November

2pm - Monster Squad 
3:45pm - Ghostbusters [1984]
6pm - Poltergeist [1982]
8:15pm - Lost Boys


Please note this information does not represent live ticket availability. For accurate information please visit the Ticketline website or contact 029 20 230 130.