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Learn about rationing, life as an evacuee and meet an ARP warden to find out more about life on the Home Front. As part of the workshop, visit the Castle’s air raid shelters which provided a safe place for up to two thousand people to gather during attacks on the city.


PS 3

KS 2


This visit will incorporate a workshop with an ARP warden looking at a wide range of aspects of the Home Front including rationing and evacuation, a tour of the Castle’s Wartime Shelters that provided shelter for nearly 2000 people during the air raids on the city. An optional additional session to learn a couple of popular songs from the era can be included (additional charge applies).


The workshop will last for one hour and the tour approximately 40 minutes.

Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session, your pupils will have:


  • Learnt how World War Two started and which countries were involved.
  • Learnt about the role of the ARP Warden and other civilian services.
  • Learnt how to use a gas mask.
  • Learnt about rationing and evacuation.


  • Learnt how the Castle was used as a public air raid shelter during the war.
  • Learnt which facilities were available to those sheltering within the Castle walls.
  • Learnt how Cardiff suffered during the war and about the main air raids that took place over Cardiff.
  • Learnt how it would feel to be in the midst of an air raid within the Shelters.


  • Learnt the importance of communal singing at the time.
  • Learnt two famous wartime songs.
  • Learnt how the words of songs from all periods illustrate what was happening at the time and people’s reactions to those events and how we can obtain information about the time by studying the words of popular songs.
  • Learnt how to perform with correct posture, control and dynamics.
Links to the National Curriculum

Humanities (PS2-3 – Wales)

  • Enquiry, exploration, and investigation inspire curiosity about the world, it’s past, present, and future.
  • Events and human experiences are complex and are perceived, interpreted, and represented in different ways.

History – KS2 (England)

  • A study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066.

What Else is Included in Your Visit

Your visit to the Castle also includes:

  • Access to areas of the Grounds including the Keep, the Battlements and Wartime Shelters.
  • A Visit to Firing Line – Museum of the Welsh Soldier (Military Museum in the Interpretation Centre). Please note: Firing Line is independently managed and any activities offered are not a part of Cardiff Castle’s Education Service. Visits may not be possible on certain days when there are other schools visiting the museum or may incur an additional charge.


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Enquiry: An Audience with Queen Victoria

Please let our Education Office know if you have any questions about the An Audience with Queen Victoria workshop.