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This amazing interior was one of the last William Burges designed and dates from 1881, the year he died.

The ceiling is of a style known as a ‘muquarnas’, it is made of wood which has been covered in gold leaf and decorated.

Admission to the Arab Room is included with your Castle Ticket, or you can find out more by joining a guided tour.

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Take a virtual look around the Arab Room at Cardiff Castle.

The stained glass windows are inspired by Egyptian examples and in front of each is a crystal ball. These were placed so that sunlight would hit them and refract light into the ceiling.

The walls and floor are made of Italian marble and the chimneypiece is carved with the name of William Burges. Lord and Lady Bute were very fond of their architect and this chimneypiece acts as a memorial to him.

The wall cupboards are made of beautifully inlaid wood and were intended to contain Lady Bute’s collection of statues of Gods and Goddesses.

The window shutters are of ‘mishrabaya’ style that allows one to look out, but not be seen from outside.



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