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This room is located in the Bute Tower, originally built during the 1700s but extended by the 3rd Marquess of Bute almost a century later.

While known as a bedroom, it was in fact mainly used as a dressing room and a bathroom, with Lord Bute preferring to sleep with Lady Bute in the nearby Chintz Bedroom.

Admission to Lord Bute’s Bedroom is only available by joining a guided tour.

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The decoration has a biblical theme, beginning with the chimneypiece which includes a gilded bronze statue of St John the Evangelist. This statue was designed by Burges and made by the Italian sculptor Fucigna. Each of the seven stained glass windows includes one of the seven Churches of Asia, from St John’s Book of Revelations.

The ceiling contains nearly 200 bevelled glass mirrors and each reflects the room’s decoration. The name Johannes, Lord Bute’s name John in Greek, is reflected in true and mirror image.

The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a carved walnut screen, which on one side is inset with sixty different types of marble – the name of each variety incised in gold. The bath and washbasin are panelled in walnut and the lavatory, with a decorated blue bowl, is in an adjoining room.



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