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The Battlement Walk

Today, it is possible to enjoy a leisurely stroll along 3 sides of the Castle’s outer defences, from the south wall, around the east and ending at the north gate. As you do so, see if you can imagine yourself as a Roman legionary on patrol, keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding landscape. Why? Because all three sections of wall are actually Victorian reconstructions of a Roman fort that once occupied the site.

Cardiff’s Roman past was only rediscovered in 1888, quite by accident, when Lord Bute’s workmen began clearing away Norman earthworks in order to build a proposed new tower. Following extensive exploration, the extent of the remaining Roman walls was finally revealed and the 3rd Marquess decided to abandon his plans and rebuild the fort instead. Work began in 1897, building on top of the original Roman foundations, and was completed by the 4th Marquess in 1923.



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