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A guided tour for schools around the interior of the Castle (The House), lasts for 45-50 minutes for Key Stage 2 and above and approximately 30 minutes for Foundation Phase/Key Stage 1.

Guided tours of the Air Raid Shelters are also available instead of the tour of the House. These last approximately 45 minutes.

To assist our guides in tailoring the tour to your topic as far a possible, please advise us of what you are studying upon booking. If that is not possible – for example if the visit is booked for you by a third party, we recommend that you inform your guide before the beginning of the tour.

Guided Tour Prices – £5.00 per pupil for Cardiff schools; £5.50 per pupil for all other schools until the end of July 2023. £10.00 adults (over the agreed ratio of free adults to children) *

 *These prices are applicable for UK school groups only. They do not apply to language schools nor overseas school groups

We offer free places for teachers and adults which depend on the age and needs of the group.

Nursery School Visits – Though it is possible for us to offer a guided tour for nursery schools, we generally find that nursery pupils benefit more from visiting fewer rooms with their adult helpers in their own time rather than being on a tour.



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