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Meet “Sir Jay” and learn about the life of a medieval knight – the armour and weapons that would have been used and the differences and similarities between a knight’s weapons and those of an average soldier.



PS 1-3

KS 1-2


This workshop gives pupils the opportunity to learn about castles, knights, armour and weapons in an interactive session with a “knight”, who will teach pupils about a variety of medieval armour and weapons and their use in battle.

The session will end with an opportunity for all pupils to hold a real sword, try on chain mail and use a selection of helmets (plastic) and puppets to inspire further work upon their return to school.


The workshop will last for 60 minutes or less if required. The guided tour lasts approximately 50 minutes though a shorter tour of 30 mins is recommended for younger children who may find the spiral stairs in one of the towers difficult to negotiate. There will be time allowed for lunch and to take advantage of the other aspects that are included in the visit (see below).

Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session, your pupils will have:

  • Learnt about the motte and bailey castle.
  • Talked about the different types of people who lived in a castle.
  • Learnt about the main different styles of armour that would have been used during the medieval period.
  • Learnt about some of the methods of attack on the battlefield and why different types of weapons were good for specific purposes.
Links to the National Curriculum


Humanities (PS2-3 – Wales)

  • Enquiry, exploration, and investigation inspire curiosity about the world, it’s past, present, and future.
  • Events and human experiences are complex and are perceived, interpreted, and represented in different ways.
  • Our natural world is diverse and dynamic, influenced by processes and human actions.

History – EYFS/KS1 (England)

  • Events beyond living memory

History – KS2 (England)

  • A study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066

What Else is Included in Your Visit

  • Guided Tour of CastleA tour of the House will take children around some of the highly decorated, colourful rooms that were designed by the architect, William Burges. His designs are from the Victorian period but reflect Burges’ vision of how the interior of a medieval Castle would have been.
  • Use of the Audio Guide that has been written especially for children – downloadable in advance
  • Access to areas of the Grounds including the Keep, the Battlements and Wartime Shelters
  • A Visit to Firing Line – Museum of the Welsh Soldier (Military Museum in the Interpretation Centre). Please note: Firing Line is independently managed, and any activities offered are not a part of Cardiff Castle’s Education Service. Visits may not be possible on certain days or may incur an additional charge.


029 2087 8110


Enquiry: Meet the Knight

Please let our Education Office know if you have any questions about the Meet the Knight workshop.